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Promote F&F meditation programs through your blog, email, or social media! You’ll receive a generous 30% commission on every program you sell.

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Apply using the form below. Once you’re accepted, you will receive an email with your unique affiliate link and expert tips for promoting our programs.


Share your affiliate link on your blog, social media, and emails. You can even  send the link to a friend or a client!


Earn 30% commission on every program you sell through your link! You will be paid out on the 1st of every month via Paypal.

Sell 50+ programs to qualify for a special reward (it’s really good — we promise! 🎉)

Flaxseeds & Fairytales Programs

There are currently F&F two programs you can promote to your audience. You can promote just one or both!

The Meditation for Weight Loss Program teaches the best techniques for beginners to lose weight fast with meditation

Meditation for Weight Loss Program – This program teaches science-based meditation techniques to help participants lose weight without fad diets or intense exercise. It includes a 30 day plan to lose 10+ pounds in just one month with 10-20 minutes a day of meditation.

30 Day Meditation Challenge – This program is designed to help participants unlock the powerful benefits of meditation in just 10 minutes a day. It includes 30 guided meditation video and audio recordings plus exclusive bonuses.

If you feel that you would be a good fit to promote one or both or these products, apply to the F&F Affiliate program using the form below!


You will earn 30% commission on every program you sell. 

A cookie refers to the length of time our affiliates software tracks a customer from link click to purchase. It’s how we’re able to credit a sale to you!

We offer a generous cookie length of 30 days. This means if someone clicks on your link and purchases the program 29 days from now, you still get the commission!

You will be paid out on the 1st of every month (or the next business day if the 1st is on a weekend or US holiday). Due to our refund policy, affiliates will not paid out until 30 days after the end of the month in which the sale was made.

For example, on March 1st, you will receive a payment for all sales that took place in January. Then, on April 1st, you will be paid for sales made in February, and so on.

All earnings will be paid out through Paypal.

You can place your unique affiliate link in a blog post, email, or on social media. You can even text it to a friend!

Once your application is approved, you will receive access to free promotional materials that make it super easy to sell our programs!

Yup! Once you are approved for the program, you will receive access to our exclusive promotional pack! 

It contains everything you need to sell our programs in a non-sleazy way that you can feel good about.

You will also receive our helpful affiliate newsletter with tips for selling more of our programs. We’ll even send you the occasional free gift just for being awesome! 🎁

You can reach out to us anytime via email. We love our affiliates and we’re here to help!

No. You cannot purchase our programs through your own affiliate link to receive a discount. This is against our affiliate policy and will result in commissions being withheld.

Absolutely. If you’re doing an extra awesome job, you deserve to be recognized for it!

When you sell 50+ programs, you’ll qualify for an exclusive reward! ✨ 

If you sell more than 100+ programs, you’ll qualify for larger commissions, influencer status, and much more! 

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